Connecting Network of Voters with Network of Politicians

  • Voters can ask questions to politicians.
  • Follow any city, district or state to receive updates on local issues & news.
  • Find questions & answers that other voters ask from your area, city & district.

Analytics reports with 108+ data points

  • We provide analytics reports of any city, congressional district & state based on data from social media, news & other online platforms for voters & politicians.
  • Receive analytics reports of any politician, online user, issues & questions.
  • All reports include detailed analysis of online conversations, such as fake users, local influencers, sentiment analysis, list of locations, social media score & more.

Use our data API to display real time analytics on your blog, article or website

  • An innovative way to display tweet’s analytics, real time.
  • Display real time analytics of trending news, #hashtags & sentiments for any industry or category.

Campaign tools

  • Conduct ongoing polling to get feedback on local sentiments.
  • Send cost effective emails regularly via our cloud-based email delivery platform.
  • Recruit volunteers for any activities.
  • Receive donations with customized secured payment gateway.
  • Find details of individual financial contributions in previous elections in your zip code.

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